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From Our Kahuna, Roger Mikulecky:

Next meeting March 2019

Fly Fish Meeting  NOV. 15 th Multi  purpose room, Jacks Den.  Corinne says dinner can be served. So  dinner at  6, meeting at 7  

We are going to use this room for our meeting on the 15 th. John is not letting a lot of people have meetings  while the remodel is going on but thought we deserved  it, cool.  So I will be looking for all of our members to be their, and thanks in advance. 

The meeting:  I have been working to get the President of the Great Basin Bassers to come out and give us a  run down on who they are and maybe where we can go and hook up with  some great bass fishing. They  are a tournament  bass fishing club. This should be a great meeting .

Wow , Wound Warriors  !!!!  Another great day . How can I say thanks you guys that turned out for this activity. I had a chance to talk to several of the service people Some good stories from the V/N vets and the Iraq kids . Well done people !  Man if you aren't part of this you are missing a real good thing.  Also, the B/B -B/S event was a great  success too. We can use more help with that one but this is the first. It will  get better. Great Job to all of you . We had 12 helpers for both events. Can't say thanks enough !!!

Do me a favor , when you see John ,Jackie ,Corrine , and Shaun , say thanks for their support . They do us good for our activities  Thanks 



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